Friday, 9 July 2010

I have taken the liberty of dividing articles into five types and created a webpage for each. All article submissions are welcome and will published with perfect anonymity of the author. If one wishes to maintain anonymity it is suggested that one writes general requests and ideas rather than naming people or places. This is not a website for stories of things that have happened to specific people in the past. The past cannot be changed. What we can change is the future. If you read my sample articles you will see the type of articles I am seeking. To submit an article please send via the comments feature.

Worldly renown

I also hope that this website will be useful to other Spiritual organisations experiencing these situations. Spiritual groups all have many similar dynamics and these spiritual community problems are not a modern phenomena. It is precisely for this reason that I believe these glitches are nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of because they are essentially a universal 'human meets religion' phenomenon. It is precisely because of this that so many people have chosen to abandon religion. I hope by seeing the correlations between your group and ours we can all pull together and find a way to improve spiritual community life. Those in other sects are welcome to post comments relaying their own experiences of how to tackle these issues. Such people can express openly without naming their organisation or sect or any specifics. This is important because this website is not to talk badly about any sects but to improve experience and make religion more successful.


  1. Elaborate dialogue is greatly needed because we need to draw attention to particular issues. There is this need because people who think they're being loving can't see how their actions are extremist, elitist, and destructive.

    However,the main most simple solution that must continually be hammered home is the need for Buddhist practitioners to start genuinely caring about others instead of being hypocrites that constantly destroy the reputation of Dharma.

    If they did, they would be more accepting, and more skillful in supporting everyone according to their own particular circumstances.

    The actions that tend to be extremist and elitist are showing a fundamental lack of genuine love.

    When we really care, we find a way to help and make people feel they are supported regardless of how they practice, what they read, what life decisions they make and so on.

    When we don't care, we find a way to make people feel bad about themselves, judged, outcast, and generally unaccepted if they don't fit into our exalted approach.

    If people had real love, most of the administrative and social politics that destroy peoples spiritual lives and bring disrepute to the Dharma and nkt would disappear, guaranteed!

  2. Hello there. I would like to share my experience of NKT management. I am someone who despite having seen human frailty here and there has consistently benefited from the compassionate, balanced and wise counsel of senior NKT managers who have selflessly shown the example of putting their Guru's guidance into practice. I have seen managers at my own centre put Geshe-la's direct advice on how managers behave into practice and I am seeing our centre flourish as a result. I personally know many centres who are experiencing the same. The NKT is an inspiring place to be. I'm publishing this comment anonymously to try and avoid cynicism regarding my motivation.

    1. Perhaps you can share with us the good advice, how it was applied and how that helped, if you wish!


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